Imogen’s Latest News

17th March 2014: Linked won in its category (Young Adult) in the Romantic Novel of the Year Awards.  Much celebrating ensued!







1st March 2012: Linked is through copy edits, and its cover is now up on my home page. Go and admire!

3rd November 2011: Drollerie Press, my first ever publisher, has closed its doors.  My short stories Falling, Frayed Tapestry and Scented Danger, and my novella Fire and Shadow, are no longer available for sale.  I do have all my rights back, so will be deciding what to do with them in the near future.  I’m grateful to Drollerie and to its owner, Deena Fisher, for giving me my first contract, cover art, royalties and experience of being edited.

17th June 2011: Linked has sold!

From Publishers Marketplace:  “Imogen Howson’s LINKED, in which a girl discovers her nightmarish visions and inexplicable bruises are caused by a telepathic link to a twin she didn’t know existed, and when she helps the girl evade government capture, a BOURNE IDENTITY style chase ensues, to Navah Wolfe at Simon & Schuster Children’s, in a good deal, by Mandy Hubbard at D4EO Literary Agency.”

6th April 2011: I have an agent! I’m now represented by Mandy Hubbard of D4EO Literary Agency.

22nd February 2011: Blood of the Volcano released from Samhain.

14th February 2011: I put up a free read set in the Volcano world, In the Shadow of the Volcano.

2nd July 2010: I just signed my second contract with Samhain Publishing, for the stand-alone sequel to Heart of the Volcano, Blood of the Volcano.  It will release in spring 2011, then the print version will come at the end of that year or the beginning of 2012.

October 2009: Scented Danger was released as part of the Straying From the Path Red Riding Hood themed anthology.  Available from Drollerie Press.

15th September 2009: Heart of the Volcano released from Samhain Publishing.

5th April 2009: Falling is now only available as part of StereoOpticon, an anthology of ‘fairy tales in split vision’ from Drollerie Press.

25th March 2009: Within the Darkness, my romantic fantasy novel, has reached the quarterfinals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. (Note: The semi-finalists were announced on 15th April, but sadly I wasn’t one of them.  But I didn’t care much because…)
Heart of the Volcano, my fantasy romance novella, has just been accepted by Samhain Publishing. It’ll be releasing in September. I’m very excited to be not only a Samhain employee, but a Samhain author!

19th July 2008: My entry, entitled A Stolen Cloak of Feathers, won the Elizabeth Goudge Award, presented at the annual Romantic Novelists’ Association Conference. The contest this year required entrants to write the first chapter of a book, so I now have the award-winning start of a novel and am hard at work on the rest!
Fire and Shadow released earlier this summer.

9th March 2008: Bunches of more great reviews! Go to my review page to read them.

27th January 2008: Frayed Tapestry has just released from Drollerie Press. Isabelle Santiago gave it A minus at her blog, Twisted Fairytale.

18th December 2007: Falling gets another positive review! Go to The Faerie Drink Review to read it.

13th December 2007: Falling, my young adult futuristic short story, has just finalled in the EPPIE awards.

8th October 2007: Fire and Shadow, having been released from Stardust Press, has just been contracted by Drollerie Press. Can I have room for another small gloat about cover art?

28th September 2007: Frayed Tapestry, a short YA fantasy, has just been contracted by Drollerie Press. I can’t say enough nice things about Drollerie. Partly because they give me contracts, of course – and their editors say the nicest things about my writing! – but also for their speed, efficiency, quality of their website and books, and of course their fabulous cover art. For someone like me, who writes from strong visual imagery, it’s the best thing in the world to see that internal vision translated into Deena Fisher’s amazing art.

21st September 2007: Stardust Press, who in February awarded Fire and Shadow first prize in their Creatures of Darkness Contest, is closing. All rights are reverting back to the authors, and – as they are not declaring bankruptcy – we hopefully won’t have problems placing the manuscripts elsewhere. I’m currently looking through my manuscript in preparation for sending it off to another publisher.
Falling has been reviewed by Joseph Boutilier at Teen eBooks (4 out of 5).

1st September 2007: Falling has been reviewed by Jane at Dear Author (B minus) and Kate at Coffee Time Romance (3 coffee cups), as well as an earlier review from Brandy at The Long and the Short of It. To read review clips please go to my reviews page.

29th July 2007: Falling is available now from Drollerie Press.

4th July 2007: Falling will be releasing from Drollerie Press on the 20th July 2007.

11th June 2007: My author page is up at Drollerie Press, together with an expanded biography I’m rather ashamed of, and a short story you can read for free on the Drollerie Press website.

5th May 2007: I’ve just accepted a contract with Drollerie Press for Falling, my young adult futuristic romantic short story. According to the fabulously efficient Deena Fisher, I should have my individual author page up in the next two or three weeks, and will be starting edits in the next couple of months.

3rd February 2007: My romantic fantasy novella, Fire and Shadow, won first prize in the Creatures of Darkness Contest at Stardust Press.