Dramatis Personae

People of the Blog

Immi: Me. I write young adult science fiction and fantasy romance.  I work as an Associate Agent at the Kate Nash Literary Agency.  I drink a lot of coffee.

Abstract: My partner.  Tall, dark, handsome and monobrowed.

Sparkler: Our elder daughter, twenty. Tall and blonde.

Gloworm: Our younger daughter, seventeen. Tall and brunette.

The Model Auntie: My younger sister. Tall and blonde. Works as a model and is the perfect auntie to Sparkler and Gloworm, hence the dual-meaning name.

Dr T-shirt: The Model Auntie’s scientist husband. Dislikes formal wear.

My Model Cousin: My cousin.  Tall and dark.  Musician, used to work as a model.  He and his wife are the parents to My Small Godson.

Lucy, Xander, Willow, the cats, Pingu and Bean, the hamsters, and Tiny Dog the tiny dog.