Happy New This-year-my-book-releases Year!

LINKED is coming out this year, in June, and I’m planning a book launch/birthday party.

I’m also hoping to go the London Book Fair again, and – if further subsidiary rights sales permit – go to America for a conference or convention.

Aside from that fun stuff, I’m working on edits for the sequel to LINKED, UNRAVEL (formerly known as SHATTERED), and on my next book. And all the usual stuff for Samhain. Plus running three times a week, and doing church youth group.

This year being LINKED’s release year, I’m likely to get more busy, not less, so the blog is likely to be kept only very sporadically. I’m going to try to do a monthly post, but it’s not going to happen more often than that.

However, as an alternative activity to all this writing and editing, I’m doing a Year of Photos project, so every day there will be a new photo over on my Tumblr account. So feel free to keep up with what I’m doing over there!

Happy New 2013!

Immi x

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