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Yesterday (Wednesday) I went to Downtown Disney with other Samhain staff and we ate Mexican food at Tortilla Jo’s and had margaritas.  I had a pomegranate margarita and a plate of shrimp (which here means massive prawns) & avocado enchiladas, black beans, Mexican rice, and guacamole (made at the table).

Then there was the huge Literacy Autographing, where I got to meet Jenna Bayley-Burke and Meg Benjamin and Erica Hayes and Molly Cannon (I think?) and Sarah Frantz and Angie James, and I was nearly signing near Suzanne Brockmann (!) except she wasn’t actually there.  Her books were, in a big pile on her table, with a note apologizing for her absence.

Me:                                                         Jenna Bayley-Burke:







Because no one really knows who I am (and my books sell mostly online not in print) I didn’t get anyone buying my books.  But I did have a fun fun time talking to my fellow authors and meeting people.  And then Erica and I went to the bar, where we sat near the super-cool firepit thingy and ordered Nightingales, the exciting purple cocktail the Marriott has invented specially for the RWA!  It was cold and very sweet and pale purple-coloured with a froth of eggwhite on the surface, and flavoured with ginger and violet and lemon.  And we also had calamari and spicy chicken spring rolls served by a very charming Greek waiter who mocked our Nightingales.  Which, to be fair, I understood.  Girliest drinks ever.

I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of the Nightingale. I think maybe I was too keen to drink it.

I woke up with a sore throat and earache in the night and had to get up and make tea with honey for myself.  I think it was because of a) excessive talking the night before and b) the dehydrating effect of the convention centre’s air-conditioning.  I’m good today, though, and have throat sweets and plenty to drink.

Today I went to a great panel on LGBT fiction, which I found really inspiring, and made me even keener to write gay/lesbian/bisexual characters into my YA books.  I’d say transgender, too, but I feel too ignorant to attempt that just yet.

And I met and chatted with Brigid Kemmerer who writes YA paranormal and Laurie A. Green who writes SF romance.  I have new people to follow on Twitter and new online groups to check out and maybe join (SFR Brigade and Rainbow Romance Writers).

At the Keynote Luncheon I sat next to Toni Kenyon and Bronwen Evans, from New Zealand.  And I was super pleased to find out they knew one of my Samhain authors, Serenity Woods!

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