Immi’s second American adventure

I first went to America in 2009, for a Samhain staff retreat, and it was fabulous.  This time, though, I’m paying for myself and I’m going to attend the RWA conference in Anaheim.  Which is in, hello, California. I know, I know, I’m not going to see Buffy, but all the same…

My adventure begins today (actually yesterday but I haven’t gone to sleep yet so to me this is still Sunday).  I’m spending tonight in the Heathrow Yotel, which I’ve wanted to do since I found out it existed in 2009, and the pictures of which inspired one of the settings in LINKED.  Yeah, when you read the book you’ll totally know which one!

Monday afternoon I fly out to Los Angeles, Tuesday I recover and shop for souvenirs in Downtown Disney (maybe?), and Wednesday the conference starts. I’m very excited!

Not that the last month has lacked excitement.  Goodness me, no.

In no particular order, either chronological or of importance:

Sparkler went to prom in a stunning red satin and diamante dress.  Our house got new windows and a new front door.  I went to London to meet my Quercus editor and publicist, and they showed me the Quercus offices and gave me lunch and wine.  I also met up with Emma Pass, another of the Lucky 13s, a bit nearer home, and had a lovely let’s-talk-nothing-but-writing-and-books lunch with her.

I also went to the RNA conference, which was wonderful as always, made even better by my boss, Heather Osborn, coming over from the States for it.

And I finished the sequel to LINKED, named it (with the help of Dayna Hart) SHATTERED, and sent it to my editor at Simon & Schuster.  And, thank the Lord, she loved it.  I’m now in the middle of first-round edits, which are thorough but not undoable.

I didn’t blog, probably because finishing SHATTERED left me, well, shattered.  But I’m totally going to try to update the blog from the conference.  Because, hello, California.

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