Am I the only one…

…who wants to use the word ‘despision’?

Consider this example:

I admire you. You are admirable. I treat you with admiration.
I deride you. You are ridiculous (or risible). I treat you with derision.
I despise you. You are despicable. I treat you with…contempt.

Doesn’t that look wrong? Doesn’t that sound wrong? Don’t you think despision would make so much more sense? Not despiration, of course – that would just be silly.

…who wants to use ‘instant-messenge’ (rather than ‘instant-message’) as the verb-form of the noun ‘instant messenger’?

“Oh, I’ll ask her. I’ll just catch her on my instant messenger.”
“Is she there?”
“Yes… Hang on, I’m asking her…”
“So, has she instant-messenged back yet?”
“Yeah. She’d love to.”
“Hooray for instant-messenging!”

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