Thursday Thirteen: Things I can see from here

Thirteen Things Imogen Howson can see from here

  1. The vegetable garden. We planted seed potatoes, onions, perpetual spinach and carrots a few weeks ago. So far, though, I can mostly only see bits of grass.
  2. The cat, who is sitting in the fruit basket on the windowsill. We’ve given up trying to use it for fruit.
  3. My cup of coffee, in a yellow mug with a picture of a snail on it.
  4. A pink water pistol in a small plastic yellow bowl (it leaks). This is the official cat deterrent for when she tries to walk on the work surfaces.
  5. A round sticker on the wall with a picture of Hayden Panettiere and the slogan Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.
  6. Washing-up, waiting…
  7. Eighty printed pages (Times New Roman, single spaced) of Within the Darkness lying on the table. Sixteen of them have edits in pen – I’m getting there!
  8. A glass of water I haven’t drunk.
  9. ‘Auntie May’s cupboard’, a family heirloom, currently holding a ton of recipe books and cooking magazines, some CDs and a phone book. On top of it are six school photos of the girls (Sparkler at nine, ten and eleven; Gloworm at seven, eight and nine), two candlesticks with almost-burned-down gold candles, a poem by Abstract in an elegant wooden frame (he gave it to me one Christmas), two pound coins belonging to Sparkler, two clay angels with pipecleaner limbs, haloes and wings belonging to Gloworm, and what I think is a cuff link.
  10. A Fairtrade cotton bag from the Co-op.
  11. Two bananas, not in the fruit basket, starting to look browner than is attractive.
  12. Our Eco-kettle.
  13. A stained white long-sleeved top waiting to be unstained.

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